Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I’m no computer genius.   I’m sure I’ve not posted everything properly or set my links exactly right.  But amazingly, people have been reading my thoughts.  And I truly appreciate it.  My only regret is that I have a blog that is apparently difficult to post comments upon.  A couple of friends and readers have told me they’ve tried to make a comment or add some insight to my latest post, but the blog site I’m using requires a log-in that’s sometimes difficult to figure out.  My sister-in-law, Jeff’s wife, has encountered the same difficulty. 
Until I get the bugs worked out on this blog site, I encourage you to go to my accompanying Facebook page.  Either select the link to the left, or go to facebook.com/fightmelanoma.  Yep, I figured out how to create a URL for my Facebook page so that it’ll be easier to link.  And amazingly, “fightmelanoma” was an available name.  I guess that goes to show you that not enough people are putting up the fight, and that the need to increase awareness is more than ever.

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