Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear My 16-Year Old Self

Wow...I saw this video on Chelsea's Blog ("Adventures with My Enemy...Melanoma"...a great blog!) and was just simply moved by its message.  It's THE message we're all trying to send...the one we're all trying to make people aware.  It's a video made of various people from different backgrounds that all have suffered either directly, or indirectly from melanoma.  Each one is sending a message to their 16-year old self, warning them of the dangers of melanoma.

The video is about five minutes long, but I swear you'll not feel you're sitting all that long.  Five minutes to potentially save your life.  Please...PLEASE...share this video with as many people as you can.  At this very moment, I'm at work and unable to log onto Facebook...but the moment I get home, you can bet I'll post it there.  I encourage you to do so as well!

Spread the word...

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