Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Irony Follow-Up

I revisited the doc today for a couple reasons.  First, to get my blood work (refer to my previous admission to high cholesterol/triglycerides) and secondly to get a steroid shot for some tendonitis in my shoulder (too much Facebook time probably...smirk).  While there, I asked, "so, doc...what were you saying about that mole of mine?"

Well, it turns out we had a miscommunication.  He claimed that he might have said we could "lop it off"...but for now, he just wanted to keep it under observation.  While my growing awareness has instilled a growing paranoia within me, I agree that it's a good idea to just watch for now.  Afterall, I know I've had this mole (dysplastic nevi...or as I learned recently, Clark's nevi) for years and it's not changed that I can recall.  Plus I had two separate dermatologists do the full-body finger skin dance on me and neither really made note of it.  And I KNOW they looked at's in a realtively high ticklish spot and I recall the fingers brushing that area (blush).

I'm scheduled see my primary dermatologist before I'm to return to my GP, plus I plan to monitor this (and one other that's being "watched" per suggestion by dermatologist #2) closely with comparitive photos.  I'm not a doctor by any means, but I feel pretty confident that I can effectively monitor it and make an appointment should I see a change.

Thanks for the thoughts and commentary here and over on Facebook.  Now to start a diet because...well, my triglycerides are through the roof.  That's what I get for munching on snacks during vacation.  But at least I did so while wearing sunscreen  :)

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