Thursday, August 4, 2011

Continuing the Work

The company I work for had a lay-off earlier this week.  Fortunately, I wasn't directly affected and I still get a paycheck.  However, one of my colleagues was let go, so now our under-staffed engineering group is even more overloaded.  His presence will be missed, not only professionally, but personally as well.  It's always a "hit" when someone has to leave.  You lose another opportunity to share a joke, chat about the weather, or just have someone else present during your work day.  But despite the lay-off, the real fact is that we have to keep working that much harder to ensure the success of our company's mission.  It's a cruel bump in the road, but ultimately, we have to move on and continue the work.

Also earlier this week, one of the more inspiring and sharing melanoma warriors passed away.  Eric and Jill Sizemore shared Eric's struggles in his last months, documenting the aweful affects of full-scale Stage IV melanoma.  Their videos were informative, heart-felt, and sometimes horrific to watch.  Their message was a must-see, must-read for anyone that just doesn't have a clue about the seriousness of melanoma.

Of course, Eric will be truly missed...more so by those that actually knew Eric...and especially Jill.  He was an advocate against tanning beds and for melanoma awareness, but he also seemed to be someone with whom almost anyone could get along.  I could tell he had a good sense of humor as well as a good sense of faith.  His fight to the end was as inspiring as anything I've witnessed.  He will be missed.  And Jill and family could use your prayers.

But like my work place, Eric's work needs to continue.  We need to continue spreading the word about sun safety and tanning dangers.  We need to document our own struggles...either in blogs, videos, or just sharing our stories with friends and strangers.  Those of us who have simply accepted the fight on behalf of a loved one, or those of you who fight a similar struggle as Eric's need to not give up.  Great advances have been made in treatments in the last few months.  But the best treatment is prevention...and that's what Eric's message has been.  That's what ours needs to be.

Eric's passing was a cruel bump in the road, but his work...and our work will continue.

Eric Sizemore


  1. Here, Here. We will continue the fight!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog! I hope to follow it from here on. And thank you for continuing the fight as well!