Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where To Look

I was looking through the Melanoma Education Foundation website (check it out) and found a good graphic on where melanoma originates on caucasion males and females:

©Melanoma Education Foundation
 It astounded me that half (50%) of all melanoma found on men occurs on their trunk...and mostly on their back.  (That's where my brother first found it on him).  It's important to use a mirror when checking yourself...or better yet, a partner that can check for you.

And for readers and friends of darker tones, the MEF has this to share:

"Common locations of melanomas in the Asian, Hispanic, and African-American population are on the soles of feet, palms, between toes and fingers, and under toenails and fingernails (especially the large toenail and thumbnail)."

Below is a photo of a melanoma spotted under a toenail that might be mistaken for toenail fungus:

©Melanoma Education Foundation

Check yourself monthly and have a board-certified dermatologist take a look at you annually!


  1. I can tell you that moles can show up anywhere. I had a melanoma that manifested as a female cancer. I had a horrible OG-GYN who never diagnosed it, and that is why I ended up with Stage IIIC, spreading to the lymph nodes. Ladies need to be more assertive in asking their gynecologists to examine for moles. I wish mine had. I have since found great doctors, but I have had two surgeries and Interferon treatment, and I've had a recurrence and face more surgery.

  2. Great point Heidi...melanoma can occur anywhere...the face, the body, the mouth, the eyes, the palms, and even in those private ares as you mention. That's why it's important for everyone to see a board-certified dermatologist for a FULL skin exam at least once a year...more frequent if higher risk. I found it unusual at first that my derm checked inside my mouth and all sorts of areas...but learned why later on.

    Thanks for sharing Heidi!