Sunday, September 11, 2011


September 11 is a day for remembering.  It’s the National Day of Remembrance and Service.  The reasons are obvious.
We all remember where we were 10 years ago.  It was one of those days that you can specifically answer the question, “what were you doing when….?”  I was at work when I heard…the infant internet was so slow due to so many people searching for information.  We found a TV and turned it on.  Work came to a stop as the world paused for hours.  We all went home early to be with our families.  I had no kids at the time, but my wife and I went to church afterwards…then spent the evening watching the news.  What a day…to always be remembered.
What does this post have to do with melanoma awareness?  Nothing…and everything.  Today is not the day to preach about anything other than remembering.  But I ask that you remember those who have fought melanoma, worked to raise awareness, and were lost.  Like the terrorists, melanoma is a cowardly attacker with no concern for the person attacked or their families.  It’s vicious…and it needs to be stopped.  It took an awful act 10 years ago to make this country aware of the threats against us.  It took the attack of melanoma on my brother Jeff about one year ago to make me aware of the disease.  It’s best that we don’t wait for another attack…but prepare and increase awareness.  We need to take precautions.  Security in the airports…sunscreen in the sun.
I don’t mean to ride the coattails of this day of remembering…on September 11…and I apologize if my choice to make such comments on this day is offensive.  Our focus TODAY should be on the events that reshaped this country.  But I ask that on other days, remember the Tinas, Erics, Tabithas…and Jeffs.  Remember those who were attacked by melanoma…and take action to prevent this from ever happening to others.
Always remember…

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