Friday, October 28, 2011

One Small Step...

It's a super busy time for me and the family lately.  My father is visiting as he and his wife pass through on their annual migration from West Virginia to Florida; my daughter has joined Girl scouts; my son is equally involved; and the "holidays" for us definitely starts pre-Halloween.  So my apologies if my blog time falters a tad and I seem to neglect my efforts to address melanoma awareness.

I wanted to share one quick note.  I had a business meeting the other day with a gentleman named Jim Downey.  I've known Jim for about 10 years now as he's worked in sales for product with which I'm directly involved.  I'd say that our relationship has become more of a friendship than that of strictly business acquaintances.  We know each other's favorite sports teams as well as various potlicial views.  We might not always see eye-to-eye, but we have a good respect for one another. And, he knows of this blog and my mission to spread awareness regarding melanoma.

At the end of our 20 or 30 minute discussion, he said he wanted to share something more personal.  He smiled and said, "After we'd talked in the past, I decided to go visit the dermatologist.  I want to thank you for insisting I visit."  It turns out nothing serious was found with Jim, but he did have some pre-cancerous spots removed from his scalp (actinic keratosis).  I was happy to hear of his relatively clean bill of health, but even more thrilled that he was inspired to get his skin checked in the first place.

Cleaning the house for family visits, helping a child learn a scouting oath, assisting another in a social studies project...they're all important but often overwhelming. It makes one wonder if the wheels are merely spinning in the mud and nothing is really moving.  But then one hears of something affirmation that at least one little step forward was made while attempting to raise melanoma awareness among all the madness of every day life.

That's what it's all about.  Making small steps.  Making people aware. 

Make sure you take one smal step each day to make others aware.

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