Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I don't like this one
I’ve not really introduced my family to the BITNP gang.  I suppose I tend to keep my personal life private…even though this is a forum where many folks share some pretty personal stuff.  Still, I try to keep this blog related to Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness with occasional personal stories of my brother Jeff who inspired this campaign.  But today, I’ll take a moment to talk about my wife Kim.
I won’t share much…she’s shy that way and would probably rather me just keep quiet.  But she’s allowing me to share a recent experience.  Like me, she’s blonde-haired, fair-skinned and rather “moley”…and she also used to lifeguard during the summers years ago.  I guess in this case, likes attract. 
I had encouraged her to see her dermatologist for quite some time.  She’s had acne and Rosacea issues in the past, but I was more concerned about a few spots on her back and arms.  (I wonder from where I got that paranoia?)  She finally went for an appointment about 2 weeks ago.
She told me in the evening that a “spot” had been cut out and that the doctors were taking a look at it.  Having read many of your accounts, I looked forward to receiving a simple voicemail or letter that said everything was fine.  What we got was a voicemail to call the office back.  Naturally, I got a little worried.
It turns out it was an atypical mole…a dysplastic nevi.  As many of you know, this is something “to keep an eye on”…and I know that many of you simply have the doctor cut it out.  We trust this dermatologist, so for now, we’ll keep a very close eye.  I took photos and measurements of several moles and she has a return visit scheduled in three months.  This seems aggressive behavior for “a mole”…but I’m glad it’s being taken.
Kim doesn’t share the same interest or fascination with Facebook and online networking as I…so she’ll probably rarely be online.  But I told her that this group of individuals…fellow Molemates and BITNP’ers …is one of the best groups of people from whom to gather info and support.  Still, I’ll most likely be her voice here and I hope that I won’t have much to say.  I hope it continues to be “just a mole.”  


  1. she is fortunate to have you... she is already ahead of the game in comparison to most... will keep her in my thoughts & prayers that her moles continue to be boring... or caught early...

  2. Hoping it continues to be JUST a mole. :-)