Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fellowship and Melanoma

When I write some of my blogs, I sometimes mull over a particular topic for a couple days.  All weekend, I was mentally composing such a blog post and was ready to put fingers to keyboard when I got my “me” time tonight.  But then, as often times happens (more so than not actually) I was touchingly distracted.
I first thought of this “Black is the New Pink” concept about a year ago (warning…one year anniversary summary blog is just around the corner).  If I were to describe my experience over the last year with one word, it might be “fellowship.”  I never would have imagined the fellowship and bond that I’ve witnessed in the melanoma community.  Whether you call such folks molemates or residents of the Hotel Melanoma, they all bond together to support one another in an uncanny “one group, one mind” kind of way.  I realize that headlines and comments from others tend to inspire multiple blogs on the same subject, but there have been times when a topic arises seemingly out of nowhere, and yet Facebook and the blog-osphere seems to be focused upon it. It’s the power of all as one I suppose.  But at no time does the “melanoma collective” come together like when one of their own is in need of thoughts and prayers.  I witnessed this as I logged on this evening to write my aforementioned thoughts.
Steve Hock has shared his story with very candid photos and comments.  I only started to follow his journey a few weeks ago, but I found it fascinating.  Steve has faced one obstacle after another and yet he seems to move past with a smile and incredible optimism.  He seems to have no fear (a necessary trait of skate boarders I would assume).  Unfortunately, Steve has hit a pretty big bump and was readmitted into the hospital where he reported that his brain tumor was growing back.
In true molemate fashion, you are rallying around Steve.  Calls for prayers, thoughts and good vibes have been sent out from several personal Facebook pages and blogs.  The collective is focused on Steve’s health and of the well-being of his family.  It is truly amazing to witness (once again) how this community of people…each with a common bond of melanoma…come together so fluidly.
While I don’t have melanoma, I am proud to be associated with this group of people and honored to have witnessed this fellowship over the past year and every day.  My prayers of course go to Steve and his family.  My admiration and utmost joy goes out to everyone in this community.  I’ve said before that “great things are happening” with regards to medical advances to fight melanoma.  But greater things are happening each and every day among the people…the warriors in the fight.

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  1. Great post. The love and support that we have all shown each other in our darkest hours will not be forgotten. I love the molemate community! My only regret is not finding y'all sooner!