Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ribbon Cutting

Like others who blog, I like to see what key words are used to find my blog.  Having “black” in my blog title leads to some fairly macabre searches.  Luckily these are few and far between.  However, one of the most common searches is the phrase “black is the new pink t-shirt.”  Such a search has been futile for months.  Until now.

After a nearly year long wait, I have finally opened up an online t-shirt store within  Right now I only offer a few shirt designs and a coffee mug, but as time and inspiration permit, I hope to add more designs and products.  While I activated the store a couple weeks ago, I wanted to make sure I bought one shirt myself and checked the quality before I cut the online ribbon.  I’m happy to report that I’m pleased.  Here’s the first shirt “sold” to me:

I ordered a large, and I’m not a large guy.  I probably should have ordered an XL as I’m sure this 100% cotton shirt will shrink in the wash.  Still, I’m quite pleased.

Thus far, my only efforts to spread awareness have been through this blog and my Facebook page.  I made a few homemade BITNP t-shirts and wore them around…but otherwise my campaign has been strictly online.  I’m excited that I’ve started this new venture in spreading the word!
Let me be upfront about one thing.  “Black is the New Pink” is not a registered non-profit organization.  And gets most of the money from the purchases due to them manufacturing and shipping the product.  (This would be true of every awareness campaign product that they sell…same with similar sites such as VistaPrint and CafePress.)  But BITNP will get a commission from each purchase. 

Again, I’m not a registered non-profit, but I plan to donate a sizable portion of my “cut” to various skin cancer and melanoma foundations.  Right now, my list would include AIM against Melanoma, the Melanoma Research Foundation, and the Skin Cancer Foundation.  There are many other worthy recipients that I’ll consider down the road.
The rest of my cut I plan to keep in a separate account and use it to further the BITNP efforts.  Such efforts might include paying for a URL and having a web designer help me set up a real website.  I may also use the money to file for a non-profit status (which will most likely include lawyer fees).  And I might use it to help attend skin cancer events that might be a bit farther away.  Rest assured I intend to use any of the money towards BITNP efforts and not to buy me a new HDTV.  You have my word on that!

So welcome to the new “Black is the New Pink” store.  Please go to and browse around.  Tell others about it.  If you purchase something…thank you.  If you have suggestions…let me hear them!  Remember, you can send me email directly at

“SNIP”   The ribbon is cut.  Welcome to our store.

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