Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Four More Months!

On November 17, a special event will take place that YOU can be a part of.  Folks from across this land, including myself, will be gathering in Charlotte, NC for the AIM Walk for a Cure…a cure for melanoma. 

For those of you unaware of the Aim at Melanoma Foundation, they are the largest non-profit international organization focused on increasing support for melanoma research; promoting prevention and education among the general public and medical professionals; and providing comprehensive and easily accessible melanoma resources for patients, survivors and caregivers.  (Thanks Wikipedia).  In short, they do good things to help fight melanoma from all angles.

AIM is also the leading advocate for state legislatures to initiate tougher tanning laws.  They were the primary influence in making California the first state to ban tanning for minors.   I was pleased to offer my own support and efforts to assist AIM in spreading this initiative at the North Carolina State Legislative Building a couple months ago.

There are certainly other noteworthy foundations to fight melanoma, such as the Melanoma Research Foundation and the Skin Cancer Foundation…both of which I try to give some efforts each year towards their continued efforts.  But this AIM for a Cure Walk in November is my primary focus for the next few months.

The Reverend Carol sums up my involvement better in her blog about the event…but in short, she, Rich McDonald, Chelsea Price and I started a Facebook discussion about starting our own melanoma fund raiser.  Seeing as how we’re separated by many miles, we soon realized that it was an effort too large for the four of us to tackle…so in swooped Anne Bowman, Chairperson of the Charlotte Chapter of AIM at Melanoma. She offered her assistance to help, but we soon realized that it was best if we simply promoted and supported the walk she was already organizing in Charlotte.  The four of us decided to combine our blogging efforts to spread the word and from what I understand, the projected attendance is already quite high.

Several bloggers and Facebook friends have already committed to attending.  I encourage you to do the same.  It doesn’t cost anything to participate, but AIM asks that each participant generate $50 in donations via their website.  So, even if you can’t attend (and I wish you would), you can support others that are.  If you’d like to support me and my family, please click here to get to my donation page.  If you’d like to support someone else, please contact them.  Either way, you have the opportunity to participate in potentially the largest melanoma awareness and fund-raising event in North Carolina.  Wouldn’t it be great to make it the largest ever?  It’s possible...with your help.

Again, please consider offering a donation to my donation page, or donating to another.  But better yet…just meet us all in Charlotte.  November 17, 2012.

Be there!

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