Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Birthday Gift to Jeff

My focus today is on my children as the twins turn 10 years old today.  But at the same time, I take a little moment to realize that today would have been my brother, Jeff’s 57th birthday.  He took great pride that his niece and nephew “chose his birthday” to enter this world, so I’m sure he’s still looking down, beaming with pride.

I wondered what I would have given him for his birthday had he still been alive.  Chances are it would have simply been a birthday card and a phone call.  We never were big on gifts.  He also probably would have told me to spend the money on my kids.  He was unselfish that way.  But the other day, I discovered something that would have made him jump for joy…making it one fantastic birthday gift.

Jeff and his wife lived in Alabama several years ago.  I never had the chance to travel down to visit, so I never knew his neighbors or friends from the area.  Still, Jeff and Debbie had a way of being a part of the crowd…hosting parties, helping other people, attending neighborhood events…they were always among friends.  Anyhow, I believe they moved out of Alabama about 10 years ago, give or take a year.

Last week, my cousin Trish posted a photo of Jeff and I (our last photo which I’ve posted here before) on Facebook and offered up memories of Jeff.  Some people chimed in with their own thoughts, including a name I didn’t recognize.  Here’s what Taylor Wesson shared:

I use to live next door to Jeff and Debbie when they lived in Alabama. My mom and Debbie were like sisters so I called them Aunt and Uncle.  Jeff is the reason why I stopped going to tanning beds and I’m the only one out of my friends who lathers on tons of sunscreen.  My friends always question me why I care so much and I tell them about Jeff.  He's always on my mind when I’m outside (plus I’m fair and 18).  I sure do miss him!

Happy birthday brother…you’ve made a positive impact on the world and continue to do so!

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  1. Your brother would be very proud of you, Alan! Not only has your brother made a positive impact on the world, but YOU (in his memory)have as well! Keep up the good work, Alan! Blessings, Karen Rae