Saturday, November 17, 2012

AIM's Anne

I wrote my very first blog post for Black is the New Pink back on March 4, 2011.  I wasn’t sure what type of response, if any, I would receive.  Ten days later, I received my very first comment.  It read as follows:

Great post!  I was diagnosed with melanoma in Dec 2010 and knew little about it before then.  Unfortunately, I had to learn a lot quickly and was so saddened by what I read, especially about the disease in its later stages.  It’s a horrible cancer that deserves more attention, funding, etc.  I am in Charlotte so keep me posted about any events going on in NC!  I’m looking to become more involved in melanoma awareness as well.


That comment was written by known other than Anne Bowman, current AIM Charlotte Chapter President whose organization just pulled off another successful AIM for a Cure Melanoma Walk.

Anne, I think well over 400 people and $60,000 in funds raised for melanoma today says that your search for involvement has paid off enormously.


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  1. That's awesome:) You write so beautifully:) Whenever, you post a new posting, I always read it right away:) I think I enjoy reading your postings because you share your thoughts that are so inspiring too me:) Donna Piunt