Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Switch Dermatologists or Not?

Last week, my co-worker, Elliot, told me about a new dermatologist’s office that opened up near our work place.  I figured he was just letting me know since he knew of my campaign against skin cancer.  This afternoon, he offered up a review of this new office because he had visited for a full skin check.  “They checked everything, soup to nuts.”  He was very excited about having gone (after my continued insistence to all co-workers) and promised to share the results of the one mole biopsy that was performed.
Yea Elliot!

He said one thing that stuck out. 

“There was not one advertisement in the waiting room for cosmetic treatment.”

I’ve brought up this point before.  The last time I visited my dermatologist (November 1), I couldn’t help but notice pamphlets and brochures on every conceivable cosmetic procedure…yet not one single thing offered about skin cancer.  While I trust my doctor, this little evidence of focus bothered me.

I decided to compare the two office’s websites.  Here’s my dermatologist’s home page:.

As you can see, while my dermatologist offers up full general dermatology services, the focus of the home page seems to be on the cosmetic services.  And because both lists are listed alphabetically, “Skin Cancer” is listed far below “Dandruff” and “Hair Loss.”

Here’s my co-worker’s dermatologist’s home page.

I blotted out all the basic information, but you can see that all services, both general and cosmetic are listed on the right.  The interesting difference is that the list is not alphabetically, but apparently in order of importance to the dermatologist, with "Skin Cancer" listed first.

While I know what your answer will be, which dermatologist would you choose if concerned about skin cancer?

Me, too.  I've got a decision to make before my next exam in November 2013.  I'll let you know what I decide.


  1. You mean you don't want botox with your skin exam? :)

  2. Changing dermatologist is a complicated task as your old dermatologist must disclose all the history about your skin to the new one. But this thing is bound to happen.