Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six-Word Melanoma Memoirs

Earlier this week, I attended a Memoir Writing Workshop at the local library given by local editor, writer, and poet Alice Osborn.  The first writing exercise that she suggested was to write a six-word memoir.  I wrote several within the given ten minute period:

Twins are very exhausting yet rewarding.

Each day is a new start.

From happy son to worried father.

Finding laughter in every single day.

When does college football start again?

Lived life.  Brother died.  Campaign born!

The last memoir obviously has to do with my personal relationship with melanoma.  This made me wonder what others in Melanoma Nation might say, so I posed the question on my Facebook page.  I felt inspired to share with you:

No self love.  Learned hard way.

Tanning beds.  Stage II.  White Me.

Wasn’t aware.  THANKFULLY survived.  Wear sunscreen!

Since diagnosis, desire to raise awareness.

Stage 4 metastatic aunt lost battle :.(

Frightening dark spot, new bright life.

Lost best friend.  Now melanoma advocate!

A mole.  A beautiful life lost.

I survived!  Get moles checked out!

Spread the word and save others.

Late stage, unknown source, unknown strength!

More blessed than I deserve.  Survivor!

Silent, aggressive killer.  Hope.  Faith.  Believe!

Colorblind doc, melanoma struck.  Just breathe!

Sneaky cancer.  Scared.  Ready to fight!

Stage four, five surgeries, third study?

Keep fighting, tell others, be blessed.

Son 26 years, will win battle.

My sister.  Stage IV.  Miss her.

A great darkness, yet shedding light.

Melanoma.  Life changed.  Roller coaster ride.

Stealing my husband; God help us!

Normal life, melanoma, life changing.

Loved.  Lived.  Family.  Faith.  Cared.  Prayed.

Found it, removed it, survived it!

Each memoir is unique, personal and speaks more deeply than one might think from just six words.  I thank all that shared their thoughts.

There is one more that was not submitted, but I don’t think Susan will mind me sharing Jillian’s words once again.

Fall seven times, stand up eight!

What's your six-word memoir?


  1. I'm sorry I missed your earlier post! Thank you for sharing Jillian's mantra. Indeed, Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight!

  2. Stay strong. Love all. Keep Hoping!

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