Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm fine...thanks for asking!

First of all, thank you to those who have checked in on me.  My absence from the blogosphere and reduced presence on Facebook has inspired several folks to make sure I’m okay.

I am.  Thanks!  J 

I’ve been forced to take a little hiatus from blogging lately.  Nothing serious…just a perfect storm of family, personal and career events all taking place at the same time.  My twins started middle school in July (they go to year-round school) which starts a LOT earlier than the previous elementary school.  They have to be at the bus stop by 6:30, requiring that I get up around 5:00AM to get the familial ball rolling.  At work, my customers have become more active, so I’ve been working on more customer-related projects than normal.  Combine that with two colleagues resigning within the last few months and my responsibilities (and those of my remaining co-workers) having increased nearly two-fold, thus requiring many work days to extend well into the evening.  And then at home, there’s just the usual pay-the-bills, mow-the-lawn, feed-the-cats, fix-the-toilet activities that seem to hit a peak every few months.

What this leads to is a full day from 5:00AM to about 10:30PM where I’m running non-stop.  And when I finally get the chance to settle down to type some thoughts…I fall asleep.  Literally.  My wife has found me numerous times sound asleep while sitting straight up in my office chair.  I am simply exhausted.

I hope I don’t seem to be complaining…I’m not.  Sure, I’m wishing for a good rest and some good opportunities to write some thoughts (and I’ve had many)…but I’m not complaining.  You see, being a volunteer advocate for melanoma (and cancer in general) has made me realize that I’m very fortunate.  Not for simply not having cancer, but for having met so many that have.  So many have stated that it took “cancer” to open one’s eyes to how precious life can be…to not sweat the small stuff.  I’ve learned through your eyes that many of my exhaustive events are small stuff.  I am obligated focused on them…but except for the love of my family, it’s all small stuff.  While there’s no way I can truly see and feel the precious nature of life as seen through a cancer survivor without getting cancer (knock on wood), I feel you have given me a gift to peek just a little through your eyes.  Thank you.

So in that regard, I’ve chosen to recharge.  I’m sweeping the small stuff in a pile…reorganizing things a bit…and expecting to be back to blogging soon.  My next blog may be in a couple of days…a couple of weeks…or a couple of months…I’m not really sure.  But there are far too many thoughts and words I want to share to be away for too long.  Thoughts such as:

·        Sure Miley Cyrus was self-promoting, but the buzz about her nude pose for “Protect the Skin Your In” splattered the phrase “melanoma awareness” across the media for a good solid week.  Then again, I suppose there are limits to how much one should tolerate in the name of melanoma awareness (or any awareness).  Having someone bomb tanning salons would certainly catch attention, but the wrong kind of attention.  (That was an example…a BAD example…PLEASE don’t bomb anything…geesh).  So was Miley wrong?  I think she did a good thing…but I can see where others might have been put off.

·        I’m planning to read two books related to melanoma and cancer.  (Note, if I can’t stay awake to type, I have no chance against reading!  Finishing these books may take awhile!)  The first is “Hope Throughout Cancer” which was written last year as a compilation from many writers (including yours truly and Rich from the Hotel Melanoma) about their relationship with cancer.  So far, it’s been a very inspiring and heart-tugging read.  The other is a Kindle download called “Tanning and Melanoma” written by Mary Barrow of the SunAWARE International Foundation.  I hope to share my thoughts on both at some point…and invite you to read both and share your thoughts as well.

·        The tanning bill in North Carolina has been gathering dust in a Senate committee for months after House approval, and now the legislative session is over until the fall.  I suspect the bill has had its day in its current form and will rise again next spring with strong modifications.  I’m sure there were many lessons learned this past session…and several advocates and adversaries discovered.  I’m confident that a bill will go further next year and hope that the many laws that have arisen across the country this past year will provide additional influence to North Carolina’s…um…unique legislators.  (Oops…sorry…I really try to remain politically neutral…really)

·        After a successful wine-tasting fundraiser for MRF in memory of Amanda Wall and Corey Hadden, the 3rd Annual 5K Walk for the same group is only a couple months away!  My recent schedule has already forced me to miss a preparation meeting, but I’m pretty sure this year’s walk will be bigger and better than ever!  I believe it’s the biggest melanoma fundraising event in the Raleigh North Carolina area.  (By the way, before the walk is a fund-raising night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Check the website for more info).

·        Just down the road eastward is the little town of Charlotte ( J ) which will be hosting an even bigger event in the AIM for a Cure 5K.  My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to attend again this year to reunite with friends met a year ago and to meet new friends and faces.  Last year’s event was magical and I can only imagine the same this coming November.

So that’s a snippet of my thoughts and I hope to find time to share more sooner than later.  I’ll still be poking my nose into Facebook almost daily, so you can find me there.  Even so, just know that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone fighting the fight…and with those family members from whom melanoma took away loved ones.

Thanks again for checking in.  I’m fine…and you guys make me better.

PS…yes, I dosed off once while typing this.  You can thank my cat for waking me up. 

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  1. Hope things calm down a little for you soon! Especially the fix-the-toilet issues. I know alllllllll about those! ;-)