Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Campaign Season

It’s campaign season. 

Don’t fret.  I’m not talking about the cluttered signs at every intersection or endless political ads on television.  I’m talking about awareness campaigns.  And boy oh boy do we have some good melanoma awareness campaigns going on this coming May.

All of those in “Melanoma Nation” know that May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  We aren’t the ones that need to know…it’s the people that are NOT aware of the dangers of melanoma that need to know.  Luckily, there are some fairly high profile organizations trying to make everyone aware.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the American Academy of Dermatology held a teleconference to discuss their plans for May.  They plan to repeat their “Spot Skin Cancer” campaign but with an emphasis on melanoma.  Melanoma Monday (an AAD creation which occurs on May 5 this year) will be observed for an entire week.  Make sure you hash-tag the following key phrases to get the AAD’s attention during melanoma-related postings and tweets.  #MelanomaMonday  #melanoma  #SpotSkinCancer

Recently, L’Oreal Paris aligned with the Melanoma Research Alliance to launch their “It’s THAT worth it” campaign to emphasize that it’s worth applying sunscreen every day.  Yeah, it’s a pain to rub it in every day (and very two hours), but it’s THAT worth it.  Get it?  Good!  L’Oreal Paris has also offered to donate up to $250,000 to the MRA for every person that registers on their website ( for the “Thunderclap.”  This will be a simultaneous tweet and post to all of YOUR contacts with a message about sun safety and melanoma awareness.  Imagine all the people who will receive a message of awareness at exactly 5:00 PM on May 20.  Visit their website at to register if you haven’t already.

The Melanoma Research Foundation is launching one of the more eyebrow-raising campaigns with their #GetNaked campaign.  This campaign encourages all to check your own skin regularly and thoroughly.  The MRF offers guidelines on how to perform a self check for suspicious moles.  They also list suggested comments to post on your Facebook and Twitter account.  Please check it on their website:

The Melanoma Foundation of New England will be launching a humorous awareness campaign in May called “The Annoying Mole.”  I don’t want to give out the details until May 1, but trust me that it’s eye-catching, clever and creates awareness.  I would expect no less from the fine folks at MFNE. 

These are just the major campaigns of which I’m aware.  There are many individual walks to support by AIM, MRF, MAM and other melanoma-related organizations.  Some events have a personal touch in honor of a specific individual while others are more wide-spread in their cause.  I encourage each of you to seek out such an event and support it through participation or sponsorship.

It’s campaign season, but no campaign will work without YOU helping to spread the word.  Post, tweet, or simply speak about melanoma and skin cancer.  Spread the word.  Educate!